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Non-mandatory Central
Provident Fund System

Interface Between Joint Provident Fund Scheme and Private Pension Scheme

(Note) The account owner may apply to the Social Security Fund, within 3 months from the date of obtaining the benefits from the private pension plan, for transferring the related benefits to his/her individual account.


• In terms of employees:Old system for old employees New system for new employees

The term“old employees" refers to the serving employees who have already joined the private pension plan of the business before the employer participates in the non-mandatory central provident fund system.  They can choose whether to interface the private pension plan with the non-mandatory central provident fund system, and to keep some of the terms of the private pension plan;
The term "new employees" refers to the employees who have not joined any private pension plan of the business, or they are the new hires there.  They can only choose whether to participate in the non-mandatory central provident fund system, and to comply with the provisions of the System.

Note 1:
When the employee’s contribution time fulfills the requirement for obtaining all the contribution benefits of the employer, the employee will be entitled to determine the funds to be invested and the allocation ratio of the employer’s contributions. 
Note 2: 
The upper and lower limits for the calculation base of contributions are linked to the minimum wage for cleaning and security employees in the property management services.