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Social Security System

Brief Introduction

Law No. 4/2010 (Social Security System) entered into force on 1 January 2011, and it is the first tier of the two-tier social security system.  The System operates on the principle of social insurance, and its fiscal revenue mainly comes from the fixed contributions of beneficiaries enrolled in the System (employees, employers and contributors of arbitrary system), 1% of recurrent income of the government’s total budget as well as the gambling revenue appropriation.  By providing eligible beneficiaries with benefits such as old-age pension, disability pension, unemployment allowance, funeral allowance, marriage allowance, birth allowance and compensation for respiratory occupational disease, the System provides residents with basic social security, in particular the old-age security, in order to improve the quality of life of the residents.

The social security contribution systems are composed of obligatory system and arbitrary system. Local employees and employers with employment relationship are required to make contributions of the obligatory system to the Social Security Fund (abbreviated to FSS in Macao), and other Macao residents who meet certain requirements can also make contributions by enrolling in the arbitrary system.

The old social security system implemented under Decree-Law No. 58/93/M was mainly for providing basic protection for employees in Macao and it provided that the contributions from employees working for others (local employees, non-resident workers and casual workers) and contributions from self-employed workers belonged to the obligatory system, and the voluntary contributions were voluntary in nature.  The new social security system allows those who were unable to join the social security system before to be included in the scope of coverage.  Through the transitional measure of retrospective contribution in 2011, the System enabled beneficiaries who meet certain requirements to immediately receive old-age pension.  Today, the social security coverage is extended to all Macao residents, enabling them to receive basic retirement protection.

Last updated: December 2017