Subsidy for helping unemployed persons with disabilities to get employment

Eligibility requirements
The training entity (businesses or non-governmental organizations) may apply for the subsidy for vocational training, sheltered workshops, support at work, or elimination of construction obstacles to help unemployed persons with physical or behavioural disabilities to join the society and get employment.
How to apply
The training entity must submit the following documents to the Social Security Fund:
  1.  A completed form for the subsidy;
  2. The plan and budget of the training course must be submitted, which will be forwarded by the Social Security Fund to the Labour Affairs Bureau for review and advice.
Amount of subsidy
The subsidy for the training activities shall not exceed 500,000 patacas.
Points to note
Those who are unable to engage in any work, participate in vocational training activities or employment assistance courses due to health reasons shall not be the beneficiaries of the subsidies of this regulation.