Subsidy for hiring youth looking for the first job

Eligibility requirements
Employers who hire young people who simultaneously satisfy the following requirements may apply for the subsidy:
  1. The youth is a Macao SAR resident who has registered for work with the Labour Affairs Bureau;
  2. The youth has no work experience and is not more than 26 years old.
How to apply:
The employer must provide the Social Security Fund with the following documents:
  1. A completed form for the subsidy;;
  2. A photocopy of the MOP bank account opened in the name of the employer;
  3. A photocopy of the front and back of the Macao SAR Resident ID Card of the employee concerned with the subsidy application;
  4. The proof of employment letter issued by the employer must contain the hire date, position held and agreed salary of the employee concerned with the subsidy application (must have a company stamp and signature of the person in charge).
Amount and duration of subsidy
  1. A subsidy in the amount of 12,000 patacas, payable in six months, for hiring young people with senior secondary qualification;
  2. A subsidy in the amount of 15,000 patacas, payable in six months, for hiring young people with higher education qualification.
Points to note:
  1. According to the "Incentive Regulation for Hiring and Training of Unemployed Workers", the purpose of the scheme is to increase the number of jobs.  Therefore, existing employees of the business must not be replaced by employees who are subsidized under the regulation.  Otherwise, in addition to paying back the amount that should not have been received, the employer concerned will not be entitled to any help under this regulation for two years, without prejudice to assuming possible legal liabilities.  However, this will not be applicable if the drop in the number of employees is not caused by the replacement of existing employees with the employees concerned with the subsidy application or a reason attributable to the employer (e.g. the departing employee resigns on his/her own or retires, etc.).
  2. In order to be eligible for the subsidy, the employer entity must provide the new hire with all the assistance needed for his/her adaptation to the job.
  3. If the labour relationship is terminated or unilaterally terminated, the right to receive the subsidy in instalments shall be invalidated from the date of termination.
  4. Those who are unable to engage in any work, participate in vocational training activities or employment assistance courses due to health reasons shall not be the beneficiaries of the subsidies of this regulation.