Activate the service and log in to the system

  • Employers only need to log in to "Business & Associations Platform" with the "Entity User Account" or "Individual’s Macao One Account" (applies only to employers in categories such as individual business owners or freelancers) to report employee’s employment information.
  • Once the employer successfully completes the procedures for reporting employee’s employment information using the "Business & Associations Platform", the Social Security Fund’s Electronic Filing Service will be activated simultaneously, and the Social Security Fund will stop mailing paper Contribution Payment Advice (including Contributions of the Obligatory System (Long-Term Employees), Contributions of the Obligatory System (Casual Workers), Employment Fee for Non-Resident Workers), employers can download the relevant payment advice from the "Business & Associations Platform" or the Social Security Fund’s Electronic Filing Service Platform, on the first day of the month for paying contributions.
  • When using the "Business & Associations Platform" to complete the reporting procedures, one is bound by the specified terms.
  • For the operational guidelines for reporting the employee’s employment information on the "Business & Associations Platform", please refer to "Operational Guidelines for Reporting Employee’s Employment Information on the Business & Associations Platform".