Report Employee’s Employment Information Electronically and Make Payments

In order to further facilitate and improve the efficiency of employers in reporting employee’s employment information, starting from 9 January 2024, employers can use "Entity User Account" or "Individual’s Macao One Account" (applies only to employers in categories such as individual business owners or freelancers) to log in to the online platform or mobile app of "Business & Associations Platform" (use the hyperlink to link to the website) to report employees’ Salaries Tax (Financial Services Bureau) and Obligatory System Contributions (Social Security Fund) at the same time, and relevant payments can be made through the "Business & Associations Platform”.

At the same time, employers can choose to use the Social Security Fund’s Electronic Filing Service Platform according to actual needs, and only report the employment information of local employees to the Social Security Fund.

In addition, employers who have hired a non-resident worker can also view and download from Social Security Fund’s Electronic Filing Service Platform as well as the "Business & Associations Platform" online platform or mobile app, the Payment Advice and the List of Non-Resident Workers Required to Pay Employment Fee.