Incentive Regulation for Hiring and Training of the Unemployed Workers

Under the Order No. 6/2004 "Incentive Regulation for Hiring and Training of Unemployed Workers” (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulation") signed by the Secretary for Economy and Finance, the Social Security Fund shall provide subsidies to local unemployed workers for employment assistance and training in order to complement the employment support measures like vocational training, job referral service provided by the Labour Affairs Bureau to the unemployed, so as to promote the re-entry of local unemployed workers to the labour market.

The subsidies under the Regulation include:
  • Subsidy for unemployed workers participating in training
  • Subsidy for hiring an unemployed worker
  • Subsidy for hiring youth looking for the first job
  • Subsidy for helping unemployed persons with disabilities to get employment

The "Regulation" aims to increase the number of jobs so the implementation of the scheme must not result in the replacement of the business’s existing employees with the employees hired under this scheme.