The Employment Incentive Programme for Disability Pension Beneficiaries

In response to the policy direction of the “Ten-Year Plan for Rehabilitation Services of the Macao Special Administrative Region from 2016 to 2025”, the Social Security Fund actively promotes measures to encourage the employment of people with disabilities in order to help them build confidence and enhance their motivation to integrate in the labour market, thus promoting the social participation and economic integration of people with disabilities and improving the quality of their lives.

Through the establishment of grace measures for the trial work of disability pension beneficiaries and the provision of a rapid return mechanism for short-term trial work cases, beneficiaries, who are still unable to integrate formally into the labour market after the trial work but have not exceeded the trial work duration, will continue to receive disability pension.  Only when the beneficiary’s trial work duration expires and he or she is considered to be formally integrated into the labour market will the Social Security Fund stop the disability pension payment.

The Programme was implemented on 1 January 2018.