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Social Security System
Obligatory System
Newly registered employers 1,497
Newly enrolled beneficiaries 1,245
Employers who have made contributions 25,456
Beneficiaries who have made contributions 283,212
Arbitrary System
Newly enrolled beneficiaries 338
Beneficiaries who have made contributions 62,553


Total amount of contributions for the relevant quarter (MOP) Obligatory System 80,551,530.00
Arbitrary System 16,842,420.00
The above is the data for the second quarter of 2020
Pensions Number of recipients

Amount paid

Additional payment
VTotal amount paid
Old-age pension 30,909 299,744,460.00  97,507.00  299,841,967.00
Early old-age pension 89,925 767,024,663.00   122,425.00 767,147,088.00
Disability pension 8,657  100,963,723.00 93,500.00  101,057,223.00
Allowances Number of recipients Total amount paid
Birth allowance 1,687 9,140,166.00
Marriage allowance 573 11,215,906.00
Sickness allowance 418 1,157,328.00
Unemployment allowance 7,624 18,651,600.00
Funeral allowance 548 1,505,080.00
Respiratory occupational disease -- --
The above is the data for the third quarter of 2020
Non-Mandatory Central Provident Fund System
Allocation System
Name list of special allocation from budget surplus
Numero of people allocated with funds
Application for withdrawal of funds from individual accounts
Numero of approved applications
The above data is as of 30/09/2020
    Contributory System
Items Data As of
Joint provident fund scheme 243 31/12/2020
Individual provident fund scheme* 60,940 30/11/2020
Transferring funds out of the government-managed sub-account 77,028 31/12/2020
*Number of schemes in effect
Employment Fee for Non-Resident Workers
Employers who have paid employment fee for non-resident workers 14,836
Total amount of employment fee for non-resident workers for the relevant quarter (MOP) 90,675,400.00
The above is the data for the second quarter of 2020